34: Entrepreneurship and Marriage: What It’s Really Like to Run a Business with Your Spouse with Ashley Shaw

Are you an entrepreneur who’s considering bringing your spouse on board to work with you in your business? This situation can be tricky to navigate in ANY marriage, and it’s best to carefully consider if it is right for you. 

In this episode, we are joined by Ashley Shaw, who has learned from experience what it takes to successfully blend a busy life and entrepreneurship while working together with your spouse. 

Ashley is a health and fitness expert who helps top-tier social sellers and entrepreneurs eliminate the overwhelm in their marketing efforts so they can have the business of their dreams. Ashley and her husband, Bill, work together as partners in their business. 

Along the way, they’ve learned a few tips for working successfully and playing well together that I am so excited to hear her share with us. Ashley also has several great book recommendations you will want to pick up to help you improve your relationships.  I added them to my list and you will want to too!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to work with your spouse’s strengths in your business
  • The simple acronym Ashley uses to stay productive
  • Why it’s critical to set boundaries between work and play
  • Tips for creating habits that help you manage time wisely
  • How to keep the SPARK alive when you work together all-day 

As you can see, it’s critical if you want a strong marriage and a strong business to consider how one impacts the other. Be certain that if you decide to combine the two, that you are both aligned in your values so that you can work together to build your life.



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“It’s so important for your partner in business to be able to have an opinion. The more you understand about the business, the more of an opinion you can have.”

“I think entrepreneurship has allowed us to just dream bigger, but with control over that destiny.” 

“Be really clear about what your values are because the more at comfort or at ease you can be in your business, like the nicer you’re going to play together.”


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