The Six Rules of Conflict That Your Marriage Therapist Wishes You Knew

72: The Six Rules of Conflict That Your Marriage Therapist Wishes You Knew

Wondering how you can improve conflict resolution in your marriage? 

Listen, no marriage is perfect. Everyone has conflict. It’s inevitable, and it’s not a bad sign. What matters when it comes to conflict is how you repair the conflict. 

In this episode of Couch Time, I’m sharing the six rules of conflict resolution in your marriage that your therapist wishes you knew. 

We’re going to talk about hearing and agreeing, resisting the two bad words, taking a break, committing to repair, taking influence in your marriage, and so much more. 

Taking these tips and using them in your marriage will drastically improve the way you view and handle conflict so I am excited to share them with you today. 

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • [7:21] – The communication strategy that causes people to stop coming to marriage counseling in the first six weeks
  • [8:08] – The part of the “I Complex” that everyone misses and how to do it right the first time
  • [10:14] – Fighting with your spouse? Here’s what you’re getting wrong and what to do instead
  • [12:18] – Can you identify your emotions? Learn how to label them using this method
  • [14:02] – Resist these two “bad” words of conflict at all costs to avoid resentment and anger
  • [16:37] – The 2 parts to taking a break in a relationship and the part that everyone misses
  • [21:00] – All relationships follow this cycle. Here’s what we need to understand about it
  • [22:44] – This 1 thing that can cause your marriage to self-destruct
  • [26:02] – These 4 marriage pillars can predict the success of your marriage
  • [31:52] – The conflict I had in my own marriage and the steps we took to repair it

I hope you enjoyed this episode and that you’ll take these tips and apply them to your own marriage the next time you have a conflict. I think you’ll be happy with the results. 

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